Guitarra Portuguesa


The Guitarra Portuguesa is a small teardrop-shaped Portuguese cittern used in “Fado” music. The two different types of Guitarra Portuguesas are distinguished by their size, heads and tunings. Thus, we’ve provided an extra 012P plain steel string as an optional plain sixth course octave for Coimbra tuning, in replacement of the wound 018W for Lisboa tuning.

Lisboa Tuning: D3 D2, A3 A2, B3 B2, E3 E3, A3 A3, B3 B3

Coimbra Tuning: C3 C2, G3 G2, A3 A2, D3 D3, G3 G3, A3 A3

  • Plain Steel / Silver-Plated Wound
  • Loop Ends